Amalgation II

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MHD Mitte 2018

The next installment of our "Brett Super Blend", Amalgamation II is a blend of 5 Brettanomyces isolates: Brettanomyces bruxellensis - Strain TYB184Brettanomyces bruxellensis - Strain TYB207Brettanomyces bruxellensis - Strain TYB261, and both Beersel Brettanomyces Blendisolates.

This culture is the coalescence of all of the great qualities of each isolate: The balanced funk of the Beersel isolates and TYB184, the sweet tart character of TYB207, and the tropical bouquet of the combined ester profile of lemon/pineapple/guava/mango/papaya contributed by all the isolates.

Expect beers fermented with this blend to finish crisp, dry, tart and unbelievably fruity with just a touch of funk on the finish. This blend produces noticeable character only 3-4 weeks into fermentation and is well suited for faster turnaround beers. Amalgamation II shines as a primary or secondary fermenter, and is sure to please any brewer of Brettanomyces-driven beers. 

Approximately 15 billion cells/homebrew vial.


Temperature: 72 - 80 ºF  

Attenuation: 82-86%

Flocculation: Low

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