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Vermont IPA Yeast GY054

200 milliarden Zellen

Attenuation Medium Gravity* 78% ? 82%

Attenuation High Gravity* 74% ? 76% (10.0% ? 10.6% ABV)

Temperature Range?: 62°F ? 75°F

Flocculation: Medium/Low

Description: From one of the best examples of an east coast IPA. This yeast attenuates slightly less than NorCal Ale #1 and leaves a beer with more body and a slight fruity ester that is amazing with aromatic hops. Good choice for high gravity beers and hoppy styles. Broad temperature range and moderate flocculation make this yeast a versatile house strain.

Representative Styles: Imperial Pale Ale American Wheat Beer Pale Ale Bitter West Coast Amber ESB

* Attenuation was measured after 8 days with Ale yeast at 70°F and Lager yeast at 50°F. Medium Gravity is 14° ? 16°Plato. High Gravity is 23°- 25°Plato.

? The working temperature range represents the range at which fermentation for a given strain produces a typical attenuation- not necessarily the ideal temperature for your particular beer style. As a rule of thumb, start ale yeast fermentation at 68° ? 72°F and then lower or raise temp as desired. Lager Yeast are typically fermented at 45° ? 58°F. If desired, Lager Yeast can be given a ?hot start? at 65-68°F and then lowered to the primary temperature after active fermentation begins (10-20hrs).

GigaYeast laboratory is still gathering data on many of our strains. Information provided here may change some in the future.

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